Voice Lessons

Voice lessons with Dr. Sarah Ellena Hogrefe

To unlock your true voice, your breath must be intentional, your body and must be in alignment, and your mind must be focused on the music.

My method teaches you the most effective practices for breath, body, and mind so that your breath support is strong, your resonance is beautiful, your diction is flawless, and your posture is aligned.

After getting my Doctorate in Voice Performance and Pedagogy, I was shocked and heartbroken to realize that I was still a mezzo-soprano with no understanding of my top. I mean, after studying voice for approximately 20 years, hadn’t I earned beautiful high notes? Unfortunately, no was the answer.

But I wasn’t giving up.

I started to listen to my own voice and body and follow its instruction. With the help of a yoga teacher and a Rolfing specialist, I worked to realign my body, traction my spine, direct the air speed and flow, and articulate more clearly.

Now my voice soars freely from top to bottom, and I would love to help you free your own voice.

Whether you’re a young musician who wants to go into music, a young singing artist, or an adult avocational singer, I can help you reach your vocal goals and make singing more fun in the process!

Studio Rates

  • Tuition is charged monthly and is due by the 5th of each month
  • $120/month for four 30-minute lessons
  • $240/month for four one-hour lessons

Hogrefe Voice studio benefits

  • Facebook updates and practice tips
  • Weekly online articles published about the voice and singing

enroll in singing lessons now with Hogrefe Voice, voice lessons, singing, AtlantaThe Hogrefe Voice studio is located on Monroe Drive NE, Atlanta, Georgia, near the intersection of Amsterdam Avenue and Monroe Drive.

Voice lessons are available in person in my midtown studio or in the convenience of your home or business via Skype.

In-home lessons are available for students enrolled in one-hour lessons. Rate is $170/month for 2 one-hour lessons.

Call or text 812-391-3337 or email Sarah@HogrefeVoice.com to start your singing journey now.


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