Come home to your imagination and envision your next performance. You walk on stage and begin to sing. Immediately audience members sit up, focus their attention on you, and listen. They are spellbound…

Your voice vibrates with clarity and power. It resonates with depth and truth. Every facial expression and gesture exude confidence. Your music is gorgeous, your performance is joyful. You are at home in your singing.

You sense your body and breath in a powerful way. You free yourself from distracting thoughts. You express your authentic self.

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Now imagine this image isn’t a dream. It’s your reality!

Is this possible? With the Hogrefe Voice method of singing, yes!

The mind governs knowledge like rhythm, notes, words, and intent. Yet it is the intuitive sense of the body which governs the act of singing. So, at Hogrefe Voice you learn a method of singing that deepens sense perception and develops body awareness to create a powerful exhalation that frees your true voice.

The Hogrefe Voice method of singing is effective because it focuses on your unique needs as a person and as a singer. It’s an outgrowth of my journey to create my own voice by studying, practicing, performing, teaching.

When you study at Hogrefe Voice, you realize the amazing instrument that lies within.