Shoulder Girdle Movements and Singing

The shoulder girdle movements and singing share an important relationship. Shoulders are complex entities that move in multiple different ways. Yet many of us habitually move our shoulders in only two or three ways, and that can lead to imbalances in muscular development and may cause vocal problems. Here’s an image of some of the […]

The Devil On Your Shoulder

Judgment in Singing I used to criticize my voice all the time. When I was practicing, I could hardly make it through a phrase without finding fault with my diction, my intonation, my resonance, and (certainly not “or” in this case) my breath support. One of my favorite teachers told me to get the devil […]

Birthday Blessing

May you joyfully lay to rest all things past which no longer serve you as you celebrate another year of blessed life. Happy birthday!

Art Songs for mezzo soprano

Check out my new collaboration with composer Jan-Willem van Herpen, a new cycle of art songs for mezzo soprano with texts from Susan Sontag’s journals. Like us on Facebook at The Susan Sontag Project. We’ll post updates as the project progresses. Thank you for your interest!

Balance in practicing voice

Sometimes our bodies are off balance as we sing. When right and left sides are not equally energized, muscular imbalances manifest in your sound. Then your voice is also off balance! What are the symptoms? Muscular imbalance can show up as squeezing, compression, tension, pain, numbness, or exhaustion in particular muscles. You may experience sensations […]