The Devil On Your Shoulder

Judgment in Singing I used to criticize my voice all the time. When I was practicing, I could hardly make it through a phrase without finding fault with my diction, my intonation, my resonance, and (certainly not “or” in this case) my breath support. One of my favorite teachers told me to get the devil […]

Neck Strengthening Exercises

Many of our problems in singing come from muscular imbalance. The muscles in the neck and collarbones are often neglected, yet their ability to contract and relax in a coordinated fashion is directly related to producing a free vocal tone. Here are a series of exercises that, when executed properly, will ease tension in the […]

Soft Palate

Ah, the soft palate. That silly little thing that some voice teachers talk about incessantly and others never mention. I bet you’ve heard the instruction, “Lift the soft palate.” Or maybe someone told you to “raise your eyebrows” or to “lift the apples of your cheeks” or to “smile when you sing.” These are all […]