Private Violin Lessons

Private Violin Lessons In-home or at Midtown Studio

Unlock your child’s inner musician with private violin lessons with Dr. Sarah Ellena Hogrefe, a talented technician and musician who includes a unique and important focus on body alignment and physical posture in her violin instruction.

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Here’s my story and a little about my teaching method.

In 2013, I suffered from a pinched nerve that numbed my left arm and shoulder. In my search for healing, I began wondering if the habits I started to develop at the age of 4, when I took up Suzuki violin, had contributed to my physical distress. Turns out, my body was so far out of alignment on the right and left sides that a bone in my spine had slipped out of place and pinched that nerve!

Let me reassure you that my experience with physical distress while playing violin is completely avoidable. All it takes is a teacher like me who addresses the ways the violinist’s body can remain balanced and aligned while practicing the instrument. I give tips for standing during practice sessions and sitting during school orchestra rehearsals.

Of course, no music lesson is complete until addressing music fundamentals like sight-reading, repertoire, and ear training. I also offer the Suzuki instruction method.

30-minute private violin lessons in my Atlanta Midtown studio are $120/month tuition.

Weekend and weekday slots available.

In-home lessons start at $150/month tuition.


Call or text 812-391-3337 or email me at to enroll your child now!

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