Balance in practicing voice

Atlanta, voice lessons, singing, balance,Sometimes our bodies are off balance as we sing. When right and left sides are not equally energized, muscular imbalances manifest in your sound. Then your voice is also off balance!

What are the symptoms? Muscular imbalance can show up as squeezing, compression, tension, pain, numbness, or exhaustion in particular muscles. You may experience sensations in your feet, legs, buttocks, abdomen, ribs, shoulders, neck, and/or face.

When you realize you are not using the opposite sides of your body equally in your singing, what should you do? Focus on your body and your muscle sensations. Deepening your awareness is the key, as thinking about the problems will not solve them!

First, pay attention to the particular muscles that are in trouble and give them special attention in your practicing. Notice whether they are in distress while you are breathing in or while you are singing (breathing out). If a muscle is tight or painful, try pressing on it with your hand. If it’s numb or exhausted from overuse, massage it. Stretching or fluid movements while singing may be effective solutions.

Balance in practicing is important. With attention and creativity, you can correct a right/left muscular imbalance before it becomes an unwanted vocal habit!

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