Learning to Exhale

Learning to Exhale

I invite you to entertain a new perspective on breathing and air support for singing by learning to exhale.

How often do we hear instructions on how to breathe in voice lessons? “Lift your chest!” Expand your ribs!” “Open your throat!” What other common pieces of advice on breathing and support for singing have you heard?

Yet when do we learn about the physical process of exhalation? And who trains singers to use the body to exhale the air smoothly and efficiently?

Usually instructions about exhaling are tied up in other concerns. It’s a wonderful exercise in clarity to look specifically at the many ways the body moves during exhalation. Then we can correct imbalances and work towards coordination of the many muscles involved in exhaling.

learning to exhale, singing, breathing and air support for singingWhen we change our focus, however, we gain new insights. So I invite you to consider a fresh perspective on singing. Deepen your body awareness, improve your confidence, and free the expressive power of your voice by learning to exhale.

Check out a series of exercises to give you ideas about learning to exhale in this article.

This masterclass, Learning to Exhale, was first presented by Dr. Sarah Ellena Hogrefe in April 2015 in Pensacola, Florida, to students of Dasha Teelin Voice Studio.


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